Environmental safety

Экологичность Izbarus Избарус

We create Izbarus houses as the homes our children would live in today, and our grandchildren -tomorrow. That is why it is crucially important for us to provide for crystal-clear indoor climate of all the buildings.

The basis of environmental safety of Izbarus houses is Siberian larch. The very nature of this unique extra strong and durable wood allows us to abandon the use of antiseptic impregnations, paints, varnishes, adhesives and other chemical sources of harmful evaporations completely. Larch does not have to be treated against rotting.

Medicinal properties of larch are provided by the biologically active substances - flavonoids. Being potent antioxidants, they help the body fight against aging and various diseases, especially in the conditions of everyday stress, tension and environmental pollution.

Siberian larch grows in the virgin taiga forests near Lake Baikal, Rivers of Angara and Yenisei. (It is the reserved region from where the material for Izbarus houses is delivered). Natural conditions in the area are such that larch wood there is ecologically clean.

In the house made of Siberian Larch
When you are inside the house made of the Siberian larch, you will feel a surge of energy and vitality. This is because the tree heals and cures. Throughout its useful life larch produces natural phytoncids - the volatile substances that provide for natural air cleaning from harmful bacteria. When inhaled, phytoncids prevent colds and other viral infections.

Using the traditional Siberian wooden house-building technologies and only natural insulation, we achieve the minimum heat loss without the use of synthetic insulation like foam plastic.

If a house is built properly, it will be warm and crystally clear. Just like the Izbarus house.

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