When creating the Izbarus projects, we combine the principles of Siberian architecture with the most advanced approaches to building design that are existing in the modern world.

We take:

  • the best of the ancient traditions of our ancestors who lived in nature and in harmony with nature,
  • combine these fundamentals with the modern comfort and technology,

and ultimately get:

the unique Izbarus high-quality wooden house

By creating our unique project and working in cooperation with our designers individually, you can have the chance to:

  • Develop a house planning scheme which is the best for Your family
  • Select building materials based on their environmental performance, aesthetics and future maintenance costs,
  • Create the unique facades with elaboration of every detail of their external finishes,
  • See the interior image of Your house according to the interior design project,
  • See Your future home standing directly in your land plot, along with the courtyard buildings, paths, garden and swimming pool

Ultimate goals of our work dedicated to creation of the house project are:

  • conceptual design (architectural design)
  • a set of design drawings (working draft)
  • a set of drawings and documentation for the engineering systems
  • general plan of the site-bound structures
  • photorealistic 3d-visualization of the buildings and the entire land plot site.

Upon completion of the design and approval of the project by the customer, we execute full range of the construction works with mandatory granting of warranty for 5-7 years (longer terms to be specified separately) for all types of works.

Upon completion of construction, during the warranty period, we examine the house and, if necessary, arrange the due services. Examination is carried out at least twice a year, or, upon the customer's request, more often.

Look at examples of the performed works:

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