Izbarus performs full range of the construction works to create proper wooden houses made of the Siberian larch in a "turnkey basis".

To ensure the consistently high quality of Izbarus houses, we have thoroughly studied and implemented the traditional Siberian technologies in the process of building a wooden house.

Application of the Siberian technology allows us to achieve:

  • exceptional strength of all structural connections;
  • durability of wooden foundations of the houses (Siberian houses built according to the proper technologies are already 100-110 years old and will stand for another likewise term);
  • cost-effective and reliable foundation;
  • minimal heat loss during further operation of the house (no one has ever felt cold in the Siberian houses, even during Siberian winter)

AND ALL THIS  is achieved without the use of synthetic materials and chemicals. All you need is provided to you by nature. You just have to know how to use it.

Through implementing the traditional Siberian wooden housing technology in the modern construction process, we in the Izbarus houses have achieved the crystal clear indoor climate.

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