Компания Izbarus Избарус

Izbarus is a young company, working since 2010. But this is our advantage. As a new sprout of a young tree, we are flexible and resilient: we do hear every word of our client, taking into account in our work every wish of our customer, "go around" any obstacle, and think through every detail.
With this enthusiasm, ability to see the non-obvious, and to find creative solutions where others are hesitantly shrugging their shoulders, we break through the asphalt of any "impossible" thing.

Like any young  growth that has appeared in a tough fight for the place under the sun, we are stronger than their predecessors. We understand that working by the old and sometimes obsolete standards and clichés is the way of mediocre copying the samples once created. With this approach you never grow high: you will always stay in the shadow of "the renowned masters."
Therefore, we are creating new standards for quality, durability and style that are a sequence higher than their analogues fading in the past.
At the same time, we provide guarantee for the Izbarus houses of up to 15 years.

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